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John Leo is a Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institue where he is a writer and contributing editor at The  City Journal and runs the site

Before joining U.S. News and World Report as a columnist in September 1988, he covered the social sciences and intellectual trends for Time magazine and The New York Times. He also reported on religion for the Times, and wrote essays and humor for Time.

Mr. Leo is a former associate editor of Commonweal magazine, a former book editor of the sociology magazine Society, and a former deputy commissioner of New York City’s Environmental Protection Administration. For ten years, he served on the board of advisors for the Columbia Journalism Review, and he taught journalism at Southampton College on Long Island.

Mr. Leo’s first collection of humorous essays, How the Russians Invented Baseball and Other Essays of Enlightenment, was published in 1989. Since then, he has written two more books: Two Steps Ahead of the Thought Police (1994), a romp through the irrational world of political correctness, and Incorrect Thoughts (2001), a thoughtful analysis of our wayward culture.

Mr. Leo lives with his wife in Manhattan.

One Comment
  1. Joel Margolis permalink

    Mr. Leo,

    You’ve written about affirmative action.

    As you know, Justice O’Connor in Grutter v. Bollinger declared that affirmative action
    should be illegal in 25 years. I’ve created a countdown clock to that blessed day. (I
    arbitrarily ended it at noon 25 years to the day that the decision was handed down.)

    Joel Margolis

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